Week Quotes: 13022012

Heard around Calabasas

You know I was just joking. I do read your emails.

Duncan’s not here, everyone take the week off.

I’ll be working with Jessica on hazardous waste.

Didn’t Hannibal Lector work in anagrams?

Every man goes through a beer making stage.

Germans are used to dubbing.

Do you believe there is an opportunity?
I always believe there is an opportunity. That’s why we are here.

Our target audience is effervescent, young, appreciates design, hyper connected, and pre-family. If you have a child that sticks you over the edge.

Did he come in with Victoria?

That’s not overly inspirational but that’s reality.

There is no good way for a man to ask another man if they want to go get yogurt.

What is the value to people? What problem are we solving?

There’s a scene in Batman and Robin where they cover their stomaches in buttermilkā€¦

It’s so quiet. It’s like everybody took the day off.

Music Heard in the Studio
Wayward Angel by Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra) by Gotye