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Human Frogger

Can I imagine an interface consisting of computational elements, digital semantics, networks that bridge and connect social elements that do not consist of screens and keys? Can the imagination of digital kids imagine a different set of interaction rituals that are not just about touching little plastic squares and staring at glowing, power-hungry screens? Or is it just inconceivable that digital kids could know anything else — the ones who have only ever known millions of colors and 1280×800 and learned to touch-type when they were 4. Can human-scale time, physical movement through urban paths, suburban cul-de-sacs or backcountry trails contain elements of possibility for digital experiences that are not just the hackneyed PDA/GPS/GSM tour guide blindly explicating the relevance of this or that locale? What do you even call that, when all the possibility for anything new has been bled out from all the idioms surrounding computation? Does anyone else think it’s positively moronic and fully lacking in any foresight that “mobile computers” are just little, battery draining desktop computers?? I heard of a project meant to research mobile computing that was precisely a mindless projects to get mobile phones handle advertising presentation technologies. I mean..

Viewmaster of the Future

Configuration A - Binocular Form Factor

I started experimenting this summer with using orientation sensing as part of the interaction syntax for some kind of near-future cinematic interface. The idea is that your mobile device like a window into a panoramic visual story world. This is a prototype of Naimark’s Viewmaster of the future idea, in many ways. I think it’ll require some alternative rigging, perhaps an angled mirror so that the display (a TabletPC, just as a prototype — obviously too heavy, even the small 8.4″ display unit) is horizontal and the mirror reflects the image into your eyes. And, of course, stereo/3D video..and how do you create that? With the right eyepoint nodes so that stereo is maintained in a panorama?

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