Lift Asia 09 Jeju Korea, Sept 17-18

Lift Asia 09, Jeju Korea, Sept 17-18 2009

Just a short note about the Lift Asia 09 conference in a month, September 17-18 2009. I’ll be speaking on something to do with either minor undesired paternity notoriety or, perhaps more likely — building your own world to get the future you deserve.

Either way, I am looking forward to once again sluicing into a Lift conference. Parenthetically, the last Lift Asia I went (I guess this is only the 3rd one) way too long ago was in Seoul and was the inaugural “Asia” edition of Lift and I had a terrific time, although through a fantastic bit of misunderstanding, I thought the conference was two days, rather than two hours.

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Sorry displaced atmospheric molecules for traveling so far for a two hour event. Ah, but the time to connect face-to-face with friends was well worth the time. And, I forbade myself from too many epic trips for a good bit this year, despite the temptation for such.

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Lift Asia 2008

Lift Asia will be happening in a couple of weeks and I encourage you to attend if you are at all able to. (I promised myself Ars Electronica this year, which conflicts, unfortunately.) The line-up is a fantastic list of creative all-stars, as well as what sounds like a great queue of “locals” from Korea. This is an exciting time for Lift as it expands geographically and, more importantly, expands its audience. This is significant. There are still lots of productive and fruitful bridges to be created. It’s not an “unexploited territory” kind of exploration. Rather, despite Friedman’s assertions to the contrary, “flatness” does not exist. In China, it’s not Facebook. It’s QQ. In Korea, it’s Cyworld, not MySpace. This is intriguing — what are the local distinctions and specific ways in which online social practices create communities. Can’t all be the same, right? There really isn’t just one canonical Googlenet, right? Go to Lift Asia and find out what’s really going on, plus a whole lot more. Continue reading Lift Asia 2008