Mixed Food Culture Messages

Friday March 13, 20.10.06

Friday March 13, 22.32.47

Friday March 13, 20.35.23

Clearly. Sushi.

Friday March 13, 20.36.31

..and a placemat with Korean warnings about things in the food, and a lovely little beer glass with Hite, the Pabst Blue Ribbon of Korean beers (and wonderful for that..I’ve had my share there in Seoul). This was taken at Arado Restaurant, Whilshire and Wilton in Los Angeles.

A great Sushi (I guess..) restaurant on Wilshire and Wilton in the prototypical mixed use mini mall in Los Angeles. Four grown adults well-served with entrees, appetizers, plenty of better-than-good American sushi, beers, the works for $109, tax excluded. That’s reasonable to me, considering the next night, two beers and two sausages at the hipster downtown spot set a couple back $32.

But, what I found most intriguing about this place was that it was own and run by a Korean couple. Whilst I did not find out the motivation behind opening a Japanese style restaurant with sushi bar in the borderlands of Los Angeles’ Koreatown, I was curious. I wonder — where and when do these kinds of cultural borders get crossed and where are they allowed to transcend the typically hard-and-fast boundaries they define?

Why do I blog this? Curiosity about where and under what circumstances culture transposes.
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