Misceallanous Stuff

I was thinking of innovatives ways to use mobile devices for educational purposes. We could propose a kind of game in a city where players have to collaborate (different roles could be assigned), performing a joint acivity where they need to negotiate. Maybe I could use something like that to test the effects of location-awareness on collaborative processes !

Thanx JJ for the reference about microdocuments. It is definetely the trend nowadays. Smoogle defines it as documents made up of microcontents : “no less than three words and no more than 1,100 words in length, has a title, text body, a single topic, and links to other documents on the Internet or within a network environment, and has a url or semantic means that can be addressed through a link any body following that link can find the document” : from sms to blogs entry. Knowledge management benefits from this trend : those documents represent a very efficient way to deliver information. The content in itself is also reduced to the focused information. Using microdocuments is a good way to eliminate noise around the information. This makes me think of the actual trend : reading reuters headlines instead of reading press articles : you got the info and just the facts.

Another term for microdocument is nanopublishing.