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Mobile Data statistics :

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Global Mobile Users 1.3 billion
SMS Sent Globally 4Q02 95 billion
All SMSs Sent 2002 366 billion
SMS sent Germany 4Q02 30 billion

1.4 billion SMS were sent in the UK in January 2002.

2002 : in Western Europe, SMS traffic is about 10 billion messages per month
In Asia-Pacific, SMS traffic is about from 15 billion messages per month in 2002

During 2002, 430.8 billion mobile messages were sent globally, according to a report just released by Telecom Trends International. These messages were sent by an estimated 580.2 million mobile messaging users

All appearances indicate that SMS traffic in the U.S. has literally doubled in the first quarter of 2002,
Within the past 12 months of 2001, SMS users in Europe have increased by almost 20% — reaching

62% of all users with a mobile phone.
About 90% of SMS messages are currently simple person to person messaging or voicemail notification, with mobile information services such as news, stock prices, sport, weather, horoscope, jokes and downloading of ring tones


WAP users in W. Europe
2000: 7 mill. M phones used for WAP (by 6.3 million persons)
2001: 18 mill. M phones used for WAP (by 16 million persons)
2002: 34 mill. M phones used for WAP (by 30 million persons)

Hits to WAP sites:

* Genie: 62.5 million hits in December 2001 (500% increase since Sept).
* Digital Bridges: 15 million hits in 6 months (2001)

Only 24,000 WAP-accessible sites in the world, according to wireless resource
WAP is different than SMS in the sense that SMS is a persontoperson service as well as a push and pull service, wap is just a push and pull service…

In Japan there are over 10 million i-mode subscribers and a little over 3 million WAP users

As many as 80%-90% of corporate users that purchased WAP-enabled phones have abandoned the data capabilities of these phones and are using them for voice communications only. Up to 75% of corporate users in Europe and Asia have stopped using the Internet connectivity of their wireless phones. (Meta Group, 5/2001.)

Repartition SMS/EMS

In 2002, 95 percent of the users used text-based or Basic SMS (B-SMS). Messages based on services such as Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) and Smart Messaging constituting Advanced SMS

(A-SMS) was used by four percent of the users, while multimedia messaging (MMS) was used by only one percent of the users.

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EMC has been researching and publishing market intelligence on the wireless industry since 1985,6260,,00.html?squery=sms

The GSM Association claims that monthly SMS traffic in the EU mid-2000 was around

Germany 200 million messages
Italy 150 million
Finland 75 million
UK 70 million
Norway 70 million
Sweden 70 million
Portugal 60 million
France 60 million
Spain 60 million
Denmark 50 million
Belgium 25 million
Greece 15 million