I googled you !

Fab send me this interesting news about google. It is clear now google is a social tool used for dating, selection candidates for a position, check my importance (vanity google)….

I like those quotes :

“For Jeanne Hornung, Google has changed the rules of dating. The San Francisco PR woman wouldn’t dream of going out with someone until she checked his name on Google.”

`Google is a proxy for the World Wide Web itself,” said Jon Greer of Emeryville.

High-tech guru Stewart Alsop recently confessed in Fortune magazine: “I didn’t used to need to do this, but now I can’t work effectively without being able to `Google’ someone.”

Stanford University Professor Vijay Pande did a Google search on candidates applying for a high-level information technology job. “It’s part of the hiring process,” said Pande. For that position, “a person’s Web presence is important.”