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I always thought that cybercafé/netcafé sucks. I don’t understand for instance why city executives (those people who hired expensive consultants or who read dummy reports about net/cell phone expansion) complain about the lack of cybercafe (in Lyon for instance, some morons complain that there is only 7 cybercafe ).

First the number of cybercafe is definitely not an indicator of the web dynamism (people could have a web access at home)

Additionnaly, netcafe SUCKS ! I found that the guys from Aula share that point. “Netcafes are not social spaces nor places for meeting, as the lonely customers stare at flickering screens, trying to read their emails before their coffee cools down and they are slapped with a second bill for the extra minutes they were online. ”

That is why places like Aula or the next epfl learning center is better : they provide people with a 24/7 urban/working/living/social/IT-augmented/autonomous area…