the place of my dream ?

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Something between Aula, the Maurice Dantec’s 10 Ontario Building (see Babylon Babies) and Ninja Tune’s building : a place where everybody is free to sit, put his laptop on a desk, have a wireless access to the Internet, can isolate himself ina room to do something with one’s partner. A place for artists, researchers, employees (distant workers who want to look for real presence). A place where all those people can come in reconfigurable room, have a coffee with anybody who could bring new ideas… This place should “trigger” new collaboration and analogy-based reasoning. Weird and nerd stuff are welcome (toys, video-games, manga, sci-fi, rpg…) as well as hydroponic and caffeinated artefacts 🙂 Mix science, work, learning with the underground !

De même la technologie disponible (web access, awareness tool pour savoir ce que fontlesw autres et si ils sont dans le batiment) doit être transparente et etre un déclencheur pour créer des comportements créatifs collaboratifes/coopératifs.