CSCL 2003 : a brief report

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The CSCL 2003 conference was termed “Designing for change in networked learning environments”. One can discriminate three main different axis regarding the contributions :

. integrated learning : different approaches using embedded technologies in face-to-face learning scenarios (like using PDAs to display and annotate slides, or for voting/quizz/brainstorming for instance).

. the design and the analyses of group interaction is a very active field, dealt with various approaches like Social Network Analysis, studies of non-verbal signs, argumentation, perspective-taking, and so on.

. metadata are now rather focused on contents, activitis, interaction. There is much more emphasis put on collaborative and cooperative aspects of learning.

There was also more political discussion concerning the relationships between the CSCL community and the International Society of Learning Science (ISLS). The CSCL will now be embedded as a part of the ISLS.