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“The mutable theory : social theory in the wireless world” – Geoff Cooper (in Browm, Green and Harper (Eds). Wireless World. 2002.
-> According to Paul Virilio (Inertie pôlaire), “we will change from the ‘unbridled nomadism’ of modernity to ‘the definitive inertia or sedntariness of whole societies’. The instant availability of all kinds of information at any time or place means that there will be no need for physical motion. If we are to accept this as a plausible vision (…) the 3GM mobile is placed in an interesting position : at the juncture of virtual and physical mobility, it makes use of the electronic resources which would make the latter unnecessary.

sedentary tendency versus technomadism ???

Though I agree with the disconnection from the physical environment, I disagree with the fact that technology will trigger sedentarization… however, it is a matter of statistics, it depends on every of us…

“The availability of information from any point will make one’s location irrelevant”

BUT, as pointed out by the New York Times today, “for many internet addicts, the blackout last week was a rude reminder of just how decisively the vaunted 21st-century digital lifestyle can be laid low by a disruption in 19th-century electrons”…like the real world, th cyberspace was blacked out due to the Ohio’s electric blackout…