Tiny Screen "Mobisodes"

The NYT ran a piece in the October 17 2005 issue titled "Now Playing on a Tiny Screen" about the increasing media interest in video-based entertainment designed for mobile phones.

Now Playing on a Tiny Screen.

Why do I blog this?The article points out some of the consequential challenges of producing shorts for mobile phone screens. It&#039s an enormous creative challenge — most shots have to be close-ups, sound is questionable at best, etc. It may even represent an entirely different genre of visual story telling, imho. Just as the TV watching experience isn&#039t the Film watching experience, watching a visual story on a cellphone is an entirely different sort of thing in many respects and will likely have to take into account much more than just some of these initial technical challenges. For instance, time, location, the distraction factor, etc. Exciting stuff, maybe..