Art Center Nabi Workshop on Urban Play and Locative Media, Day 2

Sell your morning walk

Collective knowledge about your neighborhood has economic value
Motivated by Ben Russell’s Headmap Manifesto.

Shoot Me If You Can

Take a photo w/ camera phone and semd SMS
Goes to a flickr stream
Operator at a PC determines whether the person “got you” and if so, they SMS you that you’re out!

note bene: this is a clever angle to doing photo recognition!

For group of two or more shooters
15 minutes
1. Assign team and its color sticker
2. Wear your phone number on front and back of torso
3. Shooters locate themselves in the convenient spot
4. Take advantage of the urban landscape and carefully plan tactics
Operator sends SMS to all – Game Start

The idea is that you tear around Myung-Dong trying to tag the other teams players by capturing an image of their phone number which is pasted onto the front and back of their shirt.

Aram Armstrong with Haiyan Zhang
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Milan

Rumble of the Future: A Myungdong Ghost Story

Hybrid Game-Narrative Structure

Ghosts and Exorcists

Each ghost is a story and a puzzle.

Psychogeography meets Psychictourism – travel in search of the spirit world?

The Dead Can Wait: It’s a slow game that allows casual participation.

Hungry ghosts and Silver bullets

Acolyte or Assassin?

Feed the ghost’s desire to give it power: Friendship, Food, Celebrity, Gossip, etc…

Find the ghost’s secret to release it from this world: the Orphan, the Glutton, the Backstabber, the Blabbermouth, etc…

Service Ecology: Ben Reasons, Live|Work – A service ecology is a system of actors and the relationships between them that form a service. Sustainable service ecologies depend on a balance where the actors involved exchange value in ways that is mutually beneficial over time.
Service Ecology

Aram provided a sensible matrix of the value chain for the project proposal. Who does what, what they provide and what they get in the service ecology.

Forrest. Idea Proposal

For Rest

Images authored onto leaves and bark of a tree as represented on the web.

Como – Urban Media art project that uses large screens to create only art projects. Storytellling media starting with everyday experiences. Runs along and within the Art Center Nabi LED screens.

Through diverse activities, the users share their own stories; COMO makes the emotional map of the city. December 2004

A way to make personal contact through mini home pages.

Vol 3.0 (version 3, launch Dec. 2005)

Level 1: playground for storytellers
Level 2: playground for creative plays given by artists; sell & buy the ideas
Level 3: playground for creative plays made by former players

You create stickers that can go on these public bulletin/message boards wit pictograms that represent the semantics of what the sticker indexes — it points back to a moment or experience in the site, with a tag serial number.

Building an API for an Urban Time Machine

Inyong Cho and Nick West

Think of the city as a medium
..but, what parts of our lives go unrecorded by this medium?

Worked on Urban Tapestries

What happens when people are invited to share and play with their ideas about specific locations in the city?

Is there a reason to comment or annotate a place they visit or explore?

Rather than working on technology they went analog: research tool, "body storming"

* Created a large vinyl map of a n area and allowed people to walk upon and stick post-its onto the map as a way to experiment with how people who were not early-adopters, perhaps, would use the map to annotate.

A city is an imperfect archive..what strategies can we use to improve it?



Created maps of Circulation Density, Gender Demographics, Consumer Activities. Created nice visualizations of what happens in that area.

Activity of Merchandiser (Advertisement, Event, Sales)

Concept is that MD is a nightclub of information

The Play Ground is the space where it enjoys shopping.
It is the stage of the nightclus is same The Spectator Space eats food and comes the space where it rests

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