Art Center Nabi Workshop on Urban Play and Locative Media, Day 3

Baruch Gottlieb – Soundmarks

Bruce Gottlieb

24 hours in Myung Dong


MD needs free public breathing and meeting space (after Forrest – NES project team)

* if no trees, then a fountain
* if not on street level then on rooftops

Instead of virtual forest, Cyplaza with Cywatching (after Cyworld)

Or contemporary Oral history time capsule (after Time Machine)
* another layer of social experience
* anonymous internality
* MP3 player -> radi omini FM
* walkthrough
* shrine project (after ghost project and LOCA)

Observations by
Western art interested in representation/ideas

Korean art interested in practices/how the world works and how to make it work/final products

Why? No market for ideas in Korea.

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