Workshop: Triggerd by RFID

Timo just told me he’ll be attending Triggered by RFID a workshop by Mediamatic that sounds like it’s really a workshhop. Like..things will get built using objects. I’m very jealous. I wish I was going there. Things are so painfully quiet here right now. Lots of ideas, lots of motivated colleagues and grad students, no research support or start-up from the university beyond a room to meet in.

The Reader for the workshop is online, which is great. There’s also a link to some RFID development kits by an outfit called Sonmicro.

Why do I blog this? From the description, this sounds like the workshoppers’ workshop. There’s a kit of goodies you can purchase to construct things, and it sounds like there’ll be plenty of theory objects either built or discussed. Also, the Reader contains some tasty morsels, particularly in the RFID Art Projects section. And that got me thinking about the prefixing of instruments to “Art Project”.’s a WiFi Art Project, or a Cellphone Art Project. The semantic lamination creates a kind of frame on the effort that, in my opinion, brings it closer to an experiment or R&D to investigate the possibilities of doing something new, interesting, exciting with a technology and the only way to get away with the experiment or the R&D is to frame it as an “Art Project.” If only there were a way to couple experimentation, with creative foresight, with sustainable enterprise frameworks (e.g. “commercial” opportunities). Reminds me of Naimark’s Arts Lab.

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