This continues to please me..

Google military industrial light and magic complex.


Why do I blog this? I still haven’t lost sight of the linkages between the military and entertainment. No normative judgement here — I enjoy the fraught tension and the collective efforts at fantasizing ways to scare ourselves to death and live and learn from the experience. When I first started thinking about this I was speculating why games (play) and simulation were so tightly coupled. I’m still accumulating the little practice indicators as to what’s going on here. Thursday I go see some goodies developed by ICT (Institute for Creative Technologies) which is all over this theory nugget.

But wait! There’s more — RAND and USC are engaged!. I’d enjoy kicking it with those guys and seeing how we’d think together. I’m going to go chit-chat with folks from RAND next week. It’s going to be a westside day — Yahoo, RAND, Protohaus and then a BBQ out back with the Nokia Insight-Foresight dynamic duo.