Cloud Game

My take on the relationship with EA at IMD is that its problematic, in general because it overwhelms the Games track in the division. Many students are here for “games” and see the division as a way to get on the inside track to a job at EA.

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IMHO, that’s irresponsible — there are a lot less expensive ways to get a job that comes with a cubicle and the opportunity to flesh out the next John Madden Football franchise. That’s my opinion, and it’s probably driven by professional jealousy cause I would sure like to be able to pony up a $25k budget to have some of the graduate students into mobile, locative and pervasive media realize their quite brilliant project ideas.

Yup. That’s what a bunch of the IMDs brightest game designers did with their $25k budget. Cloud Game. It’s beautiful to watch, although I haven’t played it, and the concept beats the heck out of even the best of the big-4 genre games.

Why do I blog this? Part transparency about what’s the what here, and part because I think the game, at least as its been described to me, is such a rich idea that it almost makes me want to be a video game designer. It’s almost like SimCity but for the weather or environment or something.

I got a rock.

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