Dupay Institute

[wikilike_img width=310|caption=Dupay Institute — The Campaign Database|src=http://www.dupuyinstitute.org/data/tdi_scr/dledb.png|url=http://www.dupuyinstitute.org/data/tdi_scr/dledb.png|align=thumb tleft]

The Dupay Institute came to my attention through an article in The Economist on the SimWar package these guys sell. Somehow their software draws upon an exhaustive sounding survey of prior campaigns. And, for the fact of the “history” contained within these “campaign databases”, the software has been, from the account, quite accurate in its ability to help the Army’s Generals manage a conflict.

Why do I blog this? Instances of the Military’s side of the Military Industrial Light and Magic Complex that are, like..the military playing computer games are as interesting to me as the consumer playing military computer games.