Google + Local + Mobile

[wikilike_img align=thumb tleft|src=|url=|width=120|caption=Google Local for Mobile..beta]

Google spreads like warm jam over the application idiolects in which it’s almost certain people want to know what they want to know..on the they can flow..

Why, on this day, do I blog this? I had a dream last night that I was somehow the kingpin Google decision maker. I could decide where to spend all the zillions and on what. After I had a made smoked salmon for all my friends and family I started an [w:MVNO] in the US that was all about location based services. Somehow, they were all smart phone-based applications, with a whole slate of location-aware games and proximity-based services..and there wasn’t a single ATM finder. I think my brain was churning on what this post had me thinking about.

If (or when..) I get some research support or find a way to support the research I’m supposed to be doing, like..maybe doing commercial app development..I’m pretty sure I’d start right off with some sort of play or game-based experience. Maybe starting with the Ephemera Cache concept (also here) — I think there’s room to develop that one further.

Bummer that Google Local for Mobile has no support for my Treo 650..

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