research proposals

research proposals

Submission Date: August 2005

Audience: National Science Foundation, Science & Society Directorate.

Title: A Study Of Inter- and Transdisciplinary Collaborations Amongst Scientists, Engineers and Artists

Status: Rejected with reviews

In the early 1960s, [w:Bell Labs] engineering researcher [w:Billy Klüver] developed collaborative relationships with some of the world’s most prolific avant-garde artists. Through their ad-hoc [w:Experiments in Art and Technology] (E.A.T.) organization, Klüver and his engineer colleagues worked closely with the likes of [w:Jasper Johns], [w:Andy Warhol], [w:John Cage], [w:Merce Cunningham] and [w:Robert Rauschenberg] to realize critically acclaimed artistic works that were heavily influenced by the use of science and engineering knowledge, work practices, and instruments (NTT 2002). Reciprocally, it is possible to imagine that the science and engineering profession and industries were themselves influenced, shaped and inspired in consequential ways, a topic less thoroughly investigated than that of the influences of science and engineering on the arts world.
This research proposal sets out to conduct research on the topic of the influence inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations amongst scientists, engineers and artists have had on shaping and informing the educational, creative and professional work practices of scientists, engineers and artists. This initial research would form the groundwork of a book length treatment on the topic, addressed from a science and technology studies approach.