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networked performance reports on Embrace

A concept proposal for an interactive bracelet with little informative displays, to provoke shared experiences between wearers in close proximity. Embrace stands for the ‘brace’-lets fitting together & representing its users, who ’embrace’ one another. The wearable display consists of several nodes: a LCD screen displaying wirelessly sent images, a battery, a camera lens that constantly records images until the user specifically shoots an image, & a scent-palette housing that emits 1 of 5 odors chosen by the owner of the device indicating an incoming image from their ‘significant other’. see also fuse for a conceptually similar working prototype.

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thanks jo

Why do I blog this? Proximity interaction and the use of proximity as part of the interface “syntax” is a topic I’m very interested in exploring. I began playing with proximity as an interface syntax in the WiFi.ArtCache designs in which the aesthetics of the experience delivered was modulated based upon how close you were to the cache object, and how many other social bodies were also in the “zone” and/or interacting with the cache object. I think this sort of interaction modality has promise for making a kind of social software that’s more kinesthetic and more..physically social. Off the office chair and out into the streets.

Hmm..I just remarked the other day that one of the things I miss about NYC is the pedestrian character of that city. Maybe I’m trying to create a social technology that will create pockets of that out here in the no-walking-zones of Los Angeles!?

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