Fitness and Mobiles

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It cracks me up that a dear chum of mine puts little Dymo reminder tapes on her mirror to remind herself to do things like not smoke, not drink booze, all things in the fitness and nutrition arena. So, it didn’t surprise me when she stuck a reminder tape using a mnemonic-like abbreviation sequence onto her mobile phone. And so, it’s with little surprise that Mocoblog and Textually caught this fitness/nutrition-themed wallpaper for mobile phones by an operation called Flycell, that also markets ringtones and wallpapers associated with the fabled Naked Cowboy who haunts Times Square during the warmer weather months.

Why do I blog this? Besides the whimsical humor here, fitness and nutrition are, of course, serious topics. I’m interested in ways that fitness and nutrition can be integrated into mobile device interactions, perhaps even game-style. Besides just these reminders which, evidently, have a useful role and, I suppose, can be effective, there are perhaps other more empirical approaches. The idea of a mobile device, perhaps it’s your phone, that can capture your kinesthetics during the day and report that to you in a diary is somehow interesting.

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