Cell Death 2010

Local chum and Protohaus boss Eduardo Sciammarella has a piece in Always On called Cell Death 2010: Good-bye, mobile phones; hello, mobile web! captures the general aspirational tenor as well as the “sigh..groan..” ruefulness of many of we who see a great future for mobile and pervasive media but are genuinely puzzled at the oafish way the current mobile media ecology operates. A great quote captures this:

Think about it: Doesn’t your iPod nano look a bit like a phone already? That’s because it’s transitional technology: The memory chips inside don’t need to get bigger; they just need to be Wi-Fi connected to UB. When they are, a mobile music player will become a phone, bypassing the cellphone/MP3 player completely. Don’t ask why your ROKR can’t download songs into iTunes over the ponderous cellular connection; ask why you can’t make a (free) call yet with a nano

Why do I blog this? It points to the future of mobile and pervasive media, content — experiences, really, in a prescient way. Couple this forward thinking with The Internet of Things and you have a map of what the really adventurous Web 2.0 looks like.

I am particularly drawn to the way mobility, motility and proximity-based scenarios might look like, diagrammatically and the new kinds of representational schemas that will arise to support context-smart experience design.

I am also interested in the usage scenarios themselves, of course. The netmagnet project I developed while doing an R&D residency at Eyebeam is a project currently being revived to investigate one operational model for The Internet of Things.

[wikilike_img src=http://static.flickr.com/30/56445433_963bd35026_d.jpg|width=450|align=thumb tcenter|caption=Proximity and Motility Usage Scenarios|url=http://research.techkwondo.com/wiki/WiFi_ArtCache]

[wikilike_img src=http://static.flickr.com/34/69126717_df4bb009c3_d.jpg|width=450|align=thumb tcenter|caption=Motility Network|url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/julianbleecker/69126717/in/photostream/]

[wikilike_img src=http://static.flickr.com/35/69126609_c9830f1cc8_d.jpg|width=313|align=thumb tcenter|caption=Motility Network|url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/julianbleecker/69126609/in/photostream//]

[wikilike_img src=http://static.flickr.com/9/69126658_6702f0e368.jpg|width=450|align=thumb tcenter|caption=Motility Network|url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/julianbleecker/69126658/in/photostream]

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