Internet of Sticks — Now There's No Excuse Not To Get Your Spime On!

Fabien just IM’d in this bit of codeable candy — the TrackStick. What is it? It’s a stick that knows where it is. It has some Spimey characteristics — it tracks where it goes, and it remembers where it’s been. That’s pretty much it. The Track Stick records its own location, time, date, speed, heading and altitude at preset intervals. With over 1Mb of memory, it can store months of travel information. All recorded history can be outputted in a variety of, you know — quasi-open formats like RTF, XML, HTML and the Google mostly closed format KML.

The Track Stick will work anywhere on the planet Earth. Using the latest in GPS mapping technologies, your exact location can be shown on graphical maps and 3D satellite images.

The Track Stick’s micro computer contains special mathematical algorithms, that can calculate how long you have been indoors. While visiting family, friends or even shopping, the Track Stick can accurately time and map each and every place you have been.