Else/Where Mapping

Else/Where Mapping edited by Janet Abrams and Peter Hall is one of the most loruvilous books I’ve wrapped my paws around in a long time. I just lurve books that are full of gorvilous rich color illustrations and photos and with enough writing around them that I can dip in and dip out without feeling I have to go from cover to cover. Maybe it’s my becoming a cybrid hyborg or something around my exposure to the new kinds of networked digital public media literacies I’m "researching", but sometimes it’s nice to look, flip, read and wonder.

I’m torn about Amazon Prime cause it’s an ecological disaster 2.0, but if you have enough in your cart for it to make environmental sense to fuel up a jet, fly it from Tennessee or wherever, and have a brown trousered guy drive a truck from the outskirts of your city to your doorstep, please order this one! Required browsing material!

full disclosure, PDPal, Times Square Edition, which I did in collaboration with marina zurkow and scott paterson, is one of the featured projects, herein.