Else/Where=Amsterdam: June 10

Else/Where=Amsterdam: June 10:

Our second book-related event is a party co-hosted by the Waag Society for Old and New Media in Amsterdam:

Saturday June 10, 2006, 5-7 pm at Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, 1012 LB Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

short presentations by ELSE/WHERE: MAPPING contributors
Renee Turner, De Geuzen, Amsterdam,
Jeremy Wood, GPS Drawing, London,
Ronald Wall, Faculty of Applied Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, and
Esther Polak, beeldidiktee co-creator, Amsterdam Real Time and the MILK Project

followed by book signing, celebratory drinks and conversation. Book sales at Arti courtesy of Nijhof & Lee booksellers.

Kindly RSVP to design@umn.edu with “E/W Amsterdam” in subject.

We are delighted to hold our book launch in conjunction with the opening of PLAYMOBIEL curated by Nathalie Faber/Cut-n-Paste, an exhibition of artists using mobile and wireless communication technology including Arno Coenen, Blast Theory, Gerald van der Kaap, Esther Polak and Scanner, opening at Arti et Amicitiae, Friday June 9, 6-8 pm; exhibit runs through July 8

Waag Society

Playmobiel (in Dutch only)

Arti et Amicitiae

Nijhof & Lee

The Design Institute gratefully acknowledges funding toward ELSE/WHERE: MAPPING from Target Corporation and the Consulate General of the Netherlands, New York.

Why do I blog this? This is a really fantastic book on a variety of approaches to what mapping, place, geography and cartography means, and it’s a lot of fun to flip through. Also, a project I did a couple of years ago, PDPal, is featured in the book. The event sounds fantastic.