Libby's Lost

Day of the Figurines

Silvia and I sent Libby to Day of the Figurines last Thursday evening. She’s about 4’2″, wearing a light blue bathing suit, with arm floaties. If you know what’s become of her, please let us know. We’re worried sick about her. Here’s what we know.

09:05pm, welcome to Day OF The Figurines. LIBBY has been dropped by a truck at the edge of town. You are feeling run down. Where do you want to go?

09:11pm, a jeep rolls past packed with laughing soldiers. One is adjusting the sattelite disch on the bonnet. Beneath the rough camo paint the word ‘Sky’.

09:15pm, you´ve arrived at Kath´s Cafe, the door is locked & windows are steamed up. A powerful waft of boiling chicken rolls from under the door.

09:18pm, nearby soldiers turn east south east, unroll their prayer mats and kneel, touching their heads onto the green turf.

09:21pm, carrier bags are scattered, a Walls Vienetta has broken open and melts on the road. A lady in a head scarf is pressed to the wall by a soldier.

09:25pm, you´ve arrived at the YMCA, the squatters took their toll on this place. Even now the outside is ragged.

09:52pm, across the street, an estate cruises past towards the Cop Shop: 4 male passengers stare blankly at you.

09:53pm, a truck slowly curises past with a megaphone on the cab. A flicked cigarette butt lands at your feet. “Stay calm. Everbody stay calm.”

09:57pm, you´ve arrived at Kath´s Cafe, chicken smells waft under door. CLOUDYSUNNY, FLOHMARKT and DAGMAR KLARA are here.

10:03pm, You´re at Kath´s Cafe. You are feeling run down. CLOUDSUNNY, FLOHMARKT and DAGMAR KLARA are here.

10:04pm, troops are spreading, the band are soon due on stage at the Locarno, a storm is forecast. You´re at Kath´s Cafe. You are feeling run down.

10:51pbm, the smell of cheap perfume wafts from a ventilation pipe close by. CLOUDSUNNY, FLOHMRAKT, DAGMAR KLARA and SNAPPER are here.

11:05pm, a helicopter has been spotted iin the east, the pubs are clearing out, many people are sick. You´re at Kath´s Cafe. You are feeling run down.

11:21pm, CLOUDSUNNY said: “hallo ich komme aus tanzania”

11:22pm, FLOHMARKT said: “najaa ich komme aus estland.”

11:22pm, CLOUDSUNNY said: “was ist die seltsamste Sache in estland?”

11:26pm, FLOHMARKT said: “im estland das jugurt ist dicter als here.”

11:29pm, CLOUDSUNNY said: “im wald von zanzibar gibt es frösche kleiner als einen kleinen fingernagel. schwierig auf denen nicht zu treten”

11:31pm, the pavement is glossy with rain. An insistent buzz filters down from the darkness.