Flavonoid Notes #2

Nicolas sent me information about this DS-compatible pedometer toy called Tekuteku Angel Pocket Pedometer, which looks very cool.


Hudson Soft has created a new pedometer game where the weight of onscreen characters fluctuates depending on the number of steps taken. As additional encouragement, Tekuteku Angel Pocket, displays messages of its screen such as — Nice walking!” if you’re doing well. Furthermore, the pedometer can be hooked up to your Nintendo DS using the DS Tekuteku Diary in order to keep track of walked steps along with calorie info and other health data. The pedometer and diary will go on sale on 21st December for 5,229 yen (£23/$44), and later in January, supposedly, in the U.S.

You can pick up a ice blue one or a pink one at Yesasia.com.

via www.plasticbamboo.com/2006/11/13/tekuteku-angel-pocket-pe…