DIY Media? Fan Art in Google Earth

Fan Art In Foo Camp Google Earth Mosaic
Fan Art in Google Earth (click for the super high-res, high megabyte version)

Tom Coates reminds me that at Foo Camp 2006, "Google" flew the Google Earth Plane over the O’Reilly campus and took some pictures from the Google Eye View. Supposedly, this’ll go into the real, normal, human Google Earth imagery next month (February). There’s a Cylon raider in there and Space Invaders, and lots of camper’s lying on their backs facing up. (I’m in there somewhere.)

Here are photos of Tom, Chris, Jane and the rest scrambling around to get it all done and patch up the pieces of paper that kept blowing away:

Thanks Tom:

I actually don’t know the license on this image, but presumably, if it’s going into Google Earth, it’s owned by Google. If it’s a problem having it here, please let me know.

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