Rhizome Commissions 2007-2008

Dear Julian Bleecker,

We’re pleased to announce that Rhizome’s 2007-08 Commissions cycle is now open. This year we will commission eleven new art works with awards ranging from $1000-$3000. The deadline for proposals is midnight, April 2.

We are funding in two categories: 1) New Works of Internet-based Art and 2) A Community Project. The second category is new this year, and will be awarded to one artist or group whose project will benefit our community by enhancing communication, participation or the user experience on the Rhizome website.

As a Rhizome Member, you are eligible to participate in our Community Vote, which determines three of the eleven commissions. The first phase of voting begins on April 9. We see the Community Vote as a unique member benefit, as it not only allows you to advocate for works you believe in, but also gives you a chance to survey timely ideas and practices in the field.

We encourage you to get involved and spread the word! As a member, your support contributes to our ability to commission these works and we hope that you will participate – either by submitting a work, voting, or both! – in this year’s Commissions Program.

For more information:

Commissions program: http://rhizome.org/commissions/
Submission and Voting Procedures: http://rhizome.org/commissions/2007/procedures.php