Mobile Computing

When one thinks of “mobile computing” I think the knee-jerk meanings are to consider it to be desktop computing only with a smaller screen and a jammed up smaller keyboard. Suppose though you could start with the mobile part and think first about movement or the kinds of activities that happen when you’re moving, as in being a pedestrian or a hiker or a bicyclist or a car commuter. Email is a desktop activity, let’s say. I mean, I know now it’s an everywhere activity, because that was the bill of goods sold to us by the mobile phone and Blackberry people. For mobile computing, our kinetic activities should become the basis of the computational framework, just as with desktop computing, our work-a-day activities are the basis of our computational framework. If you start from that principle, I think you would have something closer to a properly mobile computing. But, of course, that’s speculation. It’s hard to think to the near future when computation is basically email, word processing, MMORPGs and dating sites.