Design Now

The stack of industrial design related books keeps getting higher. “Design Now!” just came in and, despite it’s size, I really kind of want to bring it everywhere I go. I even seriously contemplated bringing it with me to New York City.

I’m a new student of design, so I can’t speak authoritatively about the content, but I’m learning a lot. There’s enough to get good coverage about design to get me going on the basic conversations in the design communities, the personalities, the chairs and lamps (what gives with all the chairs and lamps, anyway?)

Taschen is really doing an amazing job with these compendiums. The production is really amazing, well illustrated and rich colors. They’re like real books (not this Kindle mishegoss) for the continuous partial attention crowd — smart, great annotations, thoughtful without the commitment one might need for a cover-to-cover type of book. And they weigh something, which I think is significant — the weight of the paper and the mass of the whole volume means something.