Re-Write Infrastructure — Diablitos Instantiated


Seen in San Miguel de Allende, a re-routed, altered infrastructures adapted to more convenient, local activities. They are, according to one commentor here, "Diablitos" — little devils. In portugal they are "gato," according to Younghee. Both are idioms for illegally drawn electric cables. Here an overhead mains line is retrofitted with a conventional North American plug to accommodate..? This could easily be a private and perhaps illegal improvisation by an enterprising citizen or perhaps a sanctioned retrofit for temporary access to power by local authorities.

4 thoughts on “Re-Write Infrastructure — Diablitos Instantiated”

  1. since this is in san miguel, mexico.
    it would be “proper” to call this devices “diablitos” spanish word for “little devil”.

    they are common in poor areas of urban settlements and are many times installed by the electric company employees (for a small price).

    most recent numbers show that one of the federal electric companies loose 12 Millions a year because of this devices.

    check out google news for more info.

  2. Being from Portugal, i am surprised for never seing anything like this, nor seen any news or report from it.. Are you perhaps confusing with Brasil ?

  3. I was following what Younghee says on her blog — she says this was from Portugal. But, it’s a big country so perhaps there are some areas where they are and some where they are not!

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