Conflux 2008 Now Accepting Submissions


Conflux 2008 Now Accepting Submissions:

Conflux 2008 is open for business and accepting submissions. They have a stellar list of curators for this year’s festival who are looking forward to reviewing everything you send their way. Please go to the submissions tab on their site and follow the directions there to send them your proposal. A quick word on the $5 application fee—obviously they’d rather not charge this and they try and keep Conflux as cheap as possible (it’s mostly free) but to be fair, the costs of development work and putting on this festival aren’t cheap by any stretch! They think it’s reasonable, but feel free to reach out to them if you have any serious concern.

The deadline date is May 31, 2008.

Conflux is the annual art and technology festival for the creative exploration of urban public space. Conflux 2008 takes place September 11-14 in New York. Submit your project now!