Nokia Design Needs You


The Service and UI Design within Nokia Design – is expanding, and they’ve got jobs going in Palo Alto and Helsinki/Espoo for both visual and interaction designers. You’d be working directly with Chris, Adam, Younghee and Raph, and just along the org chart from Jan and myself and the rest of the Design Strategic Projects studio. I just saw the org chart the other day; you’d be in a pretty sweet neck of the woods, frankly. Something’s going on at Nokia, or some kind of celestial bodies are lining up. Whatever the case, it’s a great opportunity for the right sort of designers.

There are six openings. You’ll need to apply through the Nokia recruitment site. The jobs to search for are:

Interaction designers, Espoo: ESP0000022U, ESP0000022T

Comms designer, Espoo: ESP0000022V

Interaction designers, Palo Alto: SAN000000BQ, SAN000000BP

Comms designer, Palo Alto: SAN000000BV