iCal Interface Fail

iCal Consistent Fail

You’d think that scheduling would be one of the easier problems to work out, but clearly there are these simple little constant fails. Here’s a scheduling event for a conference call I will have in a couple of weeks. The call will likely happen when I’m in Helsinki, but the invite is for some other time zone. But, I can’t seem to assign a time zone to the appointment. That’s a hole, but, wait..there’s more. My computer won’t know what timezone it will be in — I guess it could check Dopplr or something — but it won’t just know based on context, or the orientation of the stars. I’d have to set the clock when I get there, but then I won’t know what time it is back home, which I like to know for staying in touch and not calling home at weird times or just to have some sort of lightweight affinity relationship back home.

But, here’s the real perplexing thing. What the f**k is up with iCal always giving me ridiculous numbers of minutes-prior-to.. alarm selections? I mean..really. I’m not being asshole-y, I actually really want to know why that is there? If it’s a bug, why is it still there after, like..years of iCal?