Institute for the Future: Blended Realities Fall Technology Exchange


While I’m still in Helsinki I’m projecting myself into the near future, thinking about this upcoming seasonal “Fall Technology Horizons Exchange” with the Institute for the Future, November 18 and 19. I’ll be on a small panel with the lovely Kati London of Botanicalls fame and with whom I shared an all-too brief stage at DLD in Munich last February.

Our panel topic is described thus: By giving plants, trees and other inanimate objects online identity, people are bringing awareness and sentience to the objects around us. What happens when trees, plants, and things we carry acquire online presence and can communicate with us and with each other? How do you respond when your wallet pings you?

Good stuff.

The full event is on physical-digital hybridity, under the title “Blended Reality: Reports from the Digital/Physical Future.”

Get ready to immerse yourself in a new blended world, a place where people
weave together digital and physical environments as they go about their daily
lives. It’s a world where the virtual and the physical are seamlessly integrated,
and Cyberspace is not a place you go to but rather a layer tightly integrated into
the world around us.