Stating the Obvious

Thursday January 08 1812

Seen in the "Funplex" — a warning sign that prepares those not used to losing that they may in fact obtain nothing for their time and perhaps even lose something in exchange for the token they use to have a whirl at the crane game (try and hoist out a bundle of tickets which can be used to get things – mostly crap — like stuffed animals and plastic toys.)

I found this sign peculiar, but perhaps apropos of two things. First, young kids who are the audience for this Funplex who may be so coddled by their parents that the prospect of not getting what they want results in an eruption of tears and feet-stomping. (Or, that may just be a human universal at these ages. I’m skeptical, though.)

Why do I blog this?The “meta” insight here is a reflection on the times, particularly in a context in which “Trust” is brought into question — the Trust that knits together individuals to make a society, including the institutions that are based on nothing but Trust —banks and other financial constructs that basically told us that they were the place to entrust our futures. This sign is a reminder in an odd context that playing doesn’t mean winning.

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