Many Facets

Saturday January 24 18:10

There are many facets to art-technology and its exhibition. This was seen at the splendid “Future Imaginaries” exhibition at the Ben Maltz gallery at Otis College of Art and Design. I eagerly await Norman Klein (pictured gesturing to Lev Manovich who is assessing an audio focus rig) and Andreas Kratky’s forthcoming DVD that was featured at the exhibition/ There was also a collection of curious, carnivalesque assemblages that are all simultaneously forward and backward into the future. Tom Jennings’ peculiar recording, mapping instruments from the future past or somewhere were my favorite.

Saturday January 24 18:16

Saturday January 24 18:17

Here are some other pieces from the exhibition:

Saturday January 24 18:15

Saturday January 24 18:07

Saturday January 24 18:19

As to my Top-15 list of criteria for interactive art / art-technology, I generally don’t assume its necessary to ask “what’s it do?” about such things as shown in an exhibition like this. That’s a little weird to me. It’d be like asking Goya what “Saturn Devouring His Son” does, or how it works or something. So, I only know what these objects do in my own mind. That’s all I mean. So, like..if you ask? And I tell you? That is my basis for knowing — I didn’t ask any of the artists to explain their art to me, like a bunch of other people did. Which is weird to see happen.

A few more photographs are here.