Design Fiction at Belgrade Design Week 2009

Our friends from NONOBJECT, the studio in Palo Alto that is working on the NONOBJECT book of designed objects meant to provoke reconsiderations as to what things are, will be participating in the Belgrade Design Week 2009 this next week. Wish we could be there but in any case, if you attend, be sure to look out for their presentation, and keep abreast of the imminent release of their forthcoming book.

Dear Julian,

I hope all is well.
Just a quick news note, if you would like to push it on your blog:

NONOBJECT, Palo Alto based design and innovation studio was invited to open Belgrade Design Week 2009 (Serbia, EU) and will be presenting their design fiction innovation and philosophy, since they are hands on practitioners of design and innovation and in their past used to lead design for companies like frogdesign and IDEO their work is deeply rooted in success they provided to Fortune 500 companies. Along with this there will be the 2nd Design Fiction exhibition in influential downtown gallery O3ON, in Belgrade capital of Serbia. The worlds first design fiction exhibition happened on June 2007 in the same gallery.

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