Home User Interfaces

A typically baroque arrangement of elements, found at a large house on the perimeter of Koreatown in Los Angeles – by the measures I have heard, the largest population of Korean ex-pats/speakers-of-Korean/culturally-identifying-as-Korean/&c. outside of Korea itself. (The variation I have heard, too — “outside of Seoul.) I believe this was on Crenshaw just off of the 10 heading north.

Why do I blog this? This curious juxtaposition of elements is irresistible to explore — the religious statues of the Virgin Mary, plus gryphons/lions hidden in various corners, the children’s bicycles (and helmets perched nearby), guardians on the rooftops that remind me more of the classic “Minuteman” statues from the American Revolution, potted plants, roof architecture reminiscent of a buddhist shrine, an old Datsun or perhaps a Fiat in the drive, the woman walking past, the hand-made “Yard Sale” sign, &c. It’s like a “Where’s Waldo?” drawing and tells a rich, ornamental story of the occupants. It is an intriguing interface to the world.

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