Upcoming Talks, Crits, Lectures

A quick dispatch to mention a few upcoming events at which I will be sharing thoughts, new materials and so forth.

On October 15th and 16th I’ll be at the University of Michigan’s School of Art & Design, hosted John Marshall who is running an excellent recession-proof studio called Smart Surfaces. (John and I have been nattering like a couple of old hens about interdisciplinary work practices and have a short essay on this topic appearing in a forthcoming book called Digital Blur: Creative Practices at the Boundaries of Architecture, Design and Art which will presumably be available at some point this fall.) I’m just really curious how to teach design that is more congruent with innovation than styling and I think John has that bit all figured out. My cost of entry is a lecture or two and crits, which seems a bargain to me.

On November 6th and 7th and 8th I’ll be at Carnegie Mellon University, hosted by Golan Levin to participate in the Mobile Art & Code Symposium and Workshop that he and his colleagues have organized. I’ll be doing a workshop on concept tactics and technical strategies for designing experiences for mobile contexts.

On November 13th I’ll be moderating a panel for the Mobile Symposium organized by UCLA’s Design Media Arts. This day of presentations and panel discussions will explore how emerging networked devices are changing the ways we communicate, entertain ourselves, and explore the city. They day will feature nine presentations grouped around three themes: new interface concepts, networked games, and geospatial media. (Along with this, on November 12th, Kevin Slavin will be launching the symposium with a lecture at 6pm. On November 14th there will be workshops all day — check it out.)

And then over the United States Thanksgiving weekend — November 26th ’til the 29thish — I’ll be in Paris (along with Adam and Nicolas) at this curious sounding New Industrial World Forum, which sounds like either an overconfident workers’ revolution or the semantically gaffed name of a Hong Kong shoelace manufacturer. In either case, or if it is in fact a forum for the new industrial world, I’ll be describing the 7 corners of an evolved networked episteme. Just to be a bit numerico-biblico and Francomantic about it all.

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  1. I thought I spoke English, and yet I can not understand a thing! All the same, congrats and best of luck with all these events…

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