Pogoplug Ugly Ass Design

Friday February 12, 17.41.50

Friday February 12, 17.42.30

Boy, that’s one ugly, ugly industrial design *refresh. I have no idea what got into the head of whoever is attempting to design these things, but that first one? The small one on the right? Not great, but it’s basically not meant to be a flashy desktop thingie or to sit next to your flower vase. It goes in the wall, is all. And — that’s good enough. If there were to be an ID refresh? To make distinguish it? Would you throw on a tongue-licker pink brace? And make it bigger? It’s a *plug* computer, for crying out loud. Pogoplug, indeed.

I’m baffled.

If it matters, these are clever little plug computers under the Pogoplug mark — an incarnation of the plug computing reference platform — that, without much else, create a little puff of internet cloud for you and me, allowing us to avoid fussing with the more vaporous clouds steamed up by Google and Amazon and the like. For small group personal networks — they’re brilliant. That’s the start. Plenty of people are cooking up all sorts of new weird things for these to do. Running Linux makes them ripe for modifications and alterations.

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