Weekending 05282010

Thursday May 27 19:13

…well, it was a short week in the studio and more time spent pondering how to build out the new Laboratory / Man Lodge. Plans and actions. There was good conversations around the main project in the Studio — which basically translates to excelling at communicating what are already good ideas. In this particular sort of design activity, I am learning how important it is to translate keywords and metaphors over deep details and pleas. It’s all a team thing, bantering about the strongest sensibilities to enroll our allies and stakeholders increasingly. It’s a conversation ultimately, and less a “case to be made” sort of design exercise. Which keeps it light and fleet-footed.

There were some conversations with some colleagues about *multimodal technology, which I find to be a curious name, but still an intriguing, unexpectedly enjoyable discussion.

With the rather sullen decision that I won’t be able to fully participate in the 01SJ Festival with its Out of the Garage and Built Your Own World themes — these being near and dear to the Laboratory’s sensibilities, I plan on contributing to the catalog, which is probably just as well as any additional deadlines to help me complete a design / science fiction essay due end of July..well, those will help me finish it by the end of July.

Oh — ordered a pair of LinkM‘s..a new ThingM dongle to connect to I2C devices via USB, which makes it just a tad more convenient to control my old PSX project (a way to listen to a PS2-style controller as well as emulate one and thusly control a PS2 or PS3) with a computer rather than only an Arduino or other microcontroller. I have no idea why this might be interesting, but I’m curious to experiment with it.

What else? Only partially related to the Laboratory — some days were spent in the skate park after coming down the coast during these longer near-summer days.