The Design, Art, Technology & History of Arduino


That little guy up above has finally got its own academically written *History. The Arduino is historical! That means something. It means that it is significant enough to warrant a retrospective look back on its when and where and who kinds of questions. I’m glad that’s been done. There are good stories swirling around about Arduino — cafe-bar style stories and anecdotes that you’ll get from the Arduino Wizards like Massimo and Tom and Casey and Golan and Tod. Now Alicia Gibbs has written her masters thesis called New Media Art Design and the Arduino Microcontroller. It’s all about the history and why-for of the Arduino.

The Arduino microcontroller is a malleable tool used in art and design. Started as an educational prototyping tool it contiues to expand due to the thriving community and open source nature. Because open source initiatives allow for modification, derivatives, and sharing of intellectual property, artists and designers can evolve new Arduino-based microcontrollers specified to their work.

Why do I blog this? Alicia sent this to me a couple of months back and I keep trying to find it in my bottomless email database and everytime I do, I forget to blog it so I can have an easy place to find it when I need it. Now — here it is.

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