Weekending 03312012

For Nicolas, it was a week devoted to teaching with different lectures and workshops in Geneva (digital failures, Monday), Lausanne (creative approaches in design, Wednesday), Paris (open innovation and design ethnography, Thursday) and Annecy (Innovation and foresight, Friday)… and writing for the game controller project… and a quick trip to the accountant.

Well, Julian also went to the accountant and, for better or worse, it was a quick trip. Also, and more interestingly, there was lots of work getting back to the Ear Freshener hardware. It’s one of those things where you step away from something for a couple of months and then almost feel as though you are starting over — finding the source code for things and recollecting the toolchain and build process. And it’s spread across three platforms as well. Hardware CAD on OSX; software for the sound chip on the PC with its own toolchain; software for the AVR microcontrollers on the PC with the AVR Studio IDE for debugging. What a pain.

But..what else? More introductory planning for a possible design gathering in the fall and thinking about good, big questions to frame such a thing. I like the idea of the Venn Diagram of Design — the possible, profitable, desirable graph — as a framing provocation.