Summer in Los Angeles

… oh and btw, I’ve been quiet here because I’ve been busy on different fronts:
- relocating to California for the summer, doing a “visiting researcher” residence at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, working on a project about gesture (that I’ll blog about as soon as there is something to show)
- writing the game controller book which is going to be published in French in January 2013. Called “Joypads! Le design des manettes” and written with Laurent Bolli, it’s going to be an overview of the evolution of video game console controllers over time. We’re of course looking for an English/American edition if anyone here has en idea about how to proceed
- near future laboratory projects (a short project about car culture, a design workshop that Julian mentioned few weeks ago, planning Lift13 and Lift France 12)
- experimenting what it’s like staying in one city for two months (and avoiding travels)