Despite its flawed title, reading My Life as a Telecommuting…

Despite its flawed title, reading My Life as a Telecommuting Robot was intriguing enough. Some excerpts:

During my robot days, I interacted with co-workers I’d never met before, as well as others I hadn’t talked with in years; each of them was compelled to greet me as I cruised down the hall. I chitchatted at the office coffee bar, a more lively scene than sipping coffee alone in my kitchen. But I also nearly careened into glass walls, got stuck in an elevator, could barely hear the discussions in story meetings and got little other writing or interview work done while botting into the newsroom. Technical glitches delayed our progress

Why do I blog this? It’s a very short article and not a deep ethnographic analysis but it highlights interesting aspects of a phenomenon that will be explored in different companies. Although I’m not convinced by this kind of mediated interaction, I’m pretty sure QB-82-like surrogate systems will be employed and will lead to odd situations (beyond drones).