“Rubber band AI”: “Rubber band AI refers to…

“Rubber band AI”:

“Rubber band AI refers to an artificial intelligence found in titles such as racing or sports titles that is designed to prevent players from getting too far ahead of computer-controlled opponents. When done well, such AIs can maintain a consistent level of challenge from the beginning of an event to the end. However, when done poorly, it becomes evident that the game is bending its own rules in the computer’s favor, either by temporarily enhancing the CPU’s abilities, inhibiting the abilities of the player’s character(s), or both.”

Why do I blog this? Writing a chapter about game controllers and hacks, I queried the search engine from Mountain View using keywords such as “rubber band”+controller and I ended up on this webpage which defines what Rubber AI is (exemplified by Nintendo GameCube game Mario Kart: Double Dash!!). The concept sounds intriguing and can be used as an interesting start point in other projects about artificial intelligence beyond video games.