Read in Iwata Asks: Yuzawa Yeah. We were sure to make use of…

Read in Iwata Asks:

Yuzawa Yeah. We were sure to make use of that. And when the Wii U GamePad controller still hadn’t come together, we had Motoyama-san make a mockup (model) so we could check how it would feel in your hands.

Motoyama I actually brought that today. I’m sorry it’s such a shabby thing.

Iwata Oh, it’s made out of cardboard! (laughs) Motoyama Yeah. The screen has a lid and you can insert pieces of paper in the top to change the display.

Iwata I love how you can slide a piece of paper in! (laughs) Everyone (laughs)

Motoyama We wouldn’t know how it felt unless we could actually hold it, but since we didn’t have one, the only thing to do was make one. In the middle of the night, I cut pieces of cardboard and glued them together.

Kurisu It even has the grips in the back. Motoyama-san burnt the midnight oil to make this. (laughs)

Iwata It holds differently than a tablet, and the screen size isn’t like that of an iPad or smartphone. When Nintendo changed the design along the way12, I bet you thought “What are you doing?!” (laughs)

Motoyama Well, it didn’t make that much of a difference. (laughs) Kurisu Yeah. (laughs) But having a mockup like this that you could hold helped us get a better idea of what was being made.